Even though they’ve been together over a decade, Miguel explains why he has yet to even propose to his model girlfriend, Nazanin Mandi. He recently sat down with Hot 97 and said, ‘He “doesn’t feel the pressure” to get married and was not raised to “throw things around” like that.

‘You gotta know who you are as a person, first of all. And I think I’ve come so far as a man and I’m just starting to feel solid, where I feel I can hold this down legitimately. I think people now like throw things around like marriage. I just wasn’t raised like that. I don’t feel the pressure because I know that when I commit, I can really commit. Now it’s just thrown around because it’s so easy to break up. I’m not that kind of person. I’m just not…I wouldn’t do that to her and I wasn’t raised like that. I just don’t feel like that is honorable.’

He also added that he’s “wild at heart” and Nazanin’s “learned to adjust.” ‘Like I really am wild hearted, like I’m wild at heart. I follow my instincts. And that’s what this album is about. And I think she’s learned that and she’s had to adjust, had to learn to embrace…and I love her for that.’ And in case you were wondering if that means that he’s cheated on her, this was his response. ‘I just know I’m wild at heart man.’”

I love Miguel’s whole “You gotta know who you are as a person.” He’s just so…evolved and self-actualized (eye roll). Basically, he’s saying that he won’t commit, yet won’t correct the idea that he’s cheated on her. 

So, not raised to throw things around like marriage. But…what? Cheating is just fine. Sorry, I suppose I’m missing the point where he’s so honorable.

Either way, it’s Nazanin who should leave. Normally, I would say that a woman should have the whole, “Where is this going?” talk and if there’s no timeline for marriage to be on her way.

In this instance, though, I think it’s too far gone. If Miguel cheated, this one is done and done, especially after a decade and no ring. Not to mention, he goes on the air and publicly lets the world know that she’s pretty much his doormat. 

A man who says that he loves you for “embracing and adjusting to who he is” is full of it. He doesn’t love you. He loves what you put up with because he has the best of both worlds — someone steady and the option to not take you seriously. Nazanin needs to leave. Yesterday.

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