Lester Holt is an American journalist. He is also the host of NBC Nightly News. He has gained worldwide recognition for his work in journalism and as an anchor. Holt is regarded as among the most influential journalists of today. It is also to his credit that he moderated the 2016 Presidential Debate. He became the first African American to solo anchor a weekday network nightly newscast.

Lester Holt Net- Worth

Lester has had a long successful career. In it he has made a well earned fortune of $35 million.

Lester Holt Wife

Lester married Carol Hagen in 1982. The couple is happily living together since. They have 2 sons.

Lester Holt Salary

From his NBC Nightly News Lester earns a salary of $10 million a year.

Lester Holt Ethnicity

Holt is African American. His father is African American and his mother is of Jamaican descent.

Lester Holt Age

Lester was born on 8 March, 1959 in California, US. He is 62 years old.

Some Other Questions Asked About Lester are:

1. Where is Lester Holt these Days?

Lester Holt will anchor Nightly News from Louisville during NBC’s ‘Across America’ series.

2. Did Lester Holt Graduate from College?

Lester graduated from California State University, Sacramento.

3. What is Lester Holt’s Real Name?

Lester’s full name is Lester Don Holt Jr.

4. Does Lester Holt have Children?

Lester has two sons. Stefan Holt and Cameron Holt.

5. How does Lester Holt Stay in Shape?

Holt is above 60 and still in shape, the reason is regular exercise. Holt prefers to work out in the morning, ideally before 10 a.m. His condo in New York has a gym, but since Covid he’s gotten used to exercising in his living room. When he’s in Los Angeles he exercises at the beach. … He’ll then do a core exercise.

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