You guys, I have to be totally honest here… It is getting hard. And I totally fell off the wagon. It all started on Friday night, remember how I said I was going to allow myself a treat at the weekend, well I made the mistake of making it Friday. Because on Saturday Glenn wanted to make donuts from scratch, sounds delicious right? So we made them together and you should also know that I have no willpower at all.

I had six donuts, ugh I’m ashamed to say it. They were just there ya know, looking all delicious and fresh. Huge temptation. And I’m not blaming anyone here but myself and that sweet crystallized substance. No I’m kidding, I didn’t have them with much sugar at all but they are super fatty. I mean I’m not going to tell Glenn he can’t eat certain things just because I have no self-control. I don’t mind him eating chocolate even though I’ve given it up for lent. But when it’s something we haven’t made before and there’s a little bit of novelty, I just can’t resist! Can anybody suggest any self-help books here? Seriously.

As if that’s not bad enough, I was in one of those ‘I WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING’ moods yesterday and had a McDonalds Oreo McFlurry last night. I felt super guilty afterwards. And Glenn was trying to make me feel better saying I was doing really well and he thought I would have quit by now. Cause that’s what I am, a quitter.

Plus my exercise routine is beginning to bore me which is always a bad thing. When that happens you can bet your ass I’m lying on the couch instead of sweating it. I’ve been thinking of buying a kettlebell next payday though that’s not for a couple of weeks yet so I may just stretch to get it now for a bit of change. I’ve heard you can do full body workouts with them and my brother recommended some of the DVDs to try, have you guys tried any?

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