Check out what Namecheap is offering if you are looking to purchase a domain name. Also, Namecheap has started offering web hosting solutions, but they are not that well known as a web host provider yet. Because there are many companies out there vying for your business, it’s crucial that you do some research before you commit yourself to any company offering web based services. This review will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Namecheap for web hosting or buying domains.

Buy Domain Names

Most people know Namecheap as a company where you can buy domain names from, and very few know that it also offers hosting solutions. While this is relatively new, Namecheap actually offers a wide variety of web hosting plans. Don’t have a big budget? Its Value plan is just $3 a month.

In terms of disk space, this plan offers a limited amount, but that should be sufficient for you if you’re only going to be hosting one web site. The Professional plan is a better package for you if you’ve got several web sites. This plan has 100GB of space and you can host up to 25 domains. If you want unlimited add-on and parked domains, they have the Ultimate plan which is still quite reasonable at under $10 per month.

If you have any type of business website, you need a steady supply of content. If you decide to use Namecheap as a web host, it will make available to you a service known as RichContent. With RichContent, you’ll have at your fingertips all manner of content that’s relevant to your web site. RichContent is super easy to use. In fact, all you need to do is past the widgets on your site and visitors will see content that’s relevant to the theme of your web site.


Whether you’ve got a regular site or a WordPress site, you’ll be able to use RichContent. RichContent is a paid service, but it’s an inexpensive one. And you have 30 days to test it out for free. Your site can remain fresh with the help of RichContent. For a low price, you won’t need to worry about your site going stale.

WhoisGuard Privacy Protection

While other domain registrars charge an additional fee for WhoisGuard privacy protection, Namecheap provides this for free for every domain name you register with them. WhoisGuard keeps others from accessing personal information related to your domain. It’s actually a good thing because it can limit the number of spam you’d get from marketers who did a whois on your domain. Namecheap isn’t the only domain registrar offering WhoisGuard; you can get it from other registrars but you’ll have to pay a separate fee for it. When you register a domain with Namecheap, you get this protection included with the price of the domain. The information we’ve provided in this article should be sufficient to help you in deciding whether or not to use Namecheap. Comparison shopping is recommended, especially when you’re looking for a company to register domain names or host your sites with. Don’t just consider the services offered and the prices. Take into account your comfort level when you’re on the company’s web site.

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