Getting sidelined by a shoulder injury is one of the most inconvenient things that can happen to an athlete or active person. When your shoulder hurts, even doing your daily basic activities becomes difficult. Although there is no guaranteed technique to prevent Cumming shoulder pain or injuries, there are numerous actions you may take to prevent an injury or keep it from becoming worse.

Here are tips to prevent shoulder injuries;

1.       Rest

If you get shoulder pain when performing specific activities, such as swimming or throwing a baseball, discontinue such activities and look for an alternative kind of exercise, like riding a stationary bike. By doing this, you may keep up your cardiovascular fitness while giving your shoulder some chance to rest and recuperate.

However, do not entirely eliminate shoulder mobility. This is because you don’t want your shoulder to get tight from infrequent use. You might want to do light stretches to keep your shoulders moving.

2.   Warm-up

It is never a good idea to exercise cold muscles. Warm up your body with little activity before practicing your baseball or volleyball serve. For instance, begin by walking for a little while before jogging more quickly. Your body temperature and heart rate will increase as a result, and the lubricant, or synovial fluid, in your joints will become active. In other words, a gentle warm-up prepares your body for the next vigorous exercise.

3.   Strengthen your shoulders

Keeping your shoulder stable and preventing injuries will be easier with stronger shoulder-supporting muscles. However, you can do it without expensive gym equipment. Using elastic bands for training can gradually and steadily build resistance as you move. Most orthopedics offer a rotator cuff and shoulder training program, which consists of 18 exercises that focus on various muscle groups essential for shoulder health. The exercise program can help to prevent injuries from occurring or to recover from them.

4.   Exercise in moderation

Exercise is healthy for your shoulders, but being overly enthusiastic—especially when combined with bad technique—can raise your risk of injury. For instance, placing your shoulder in an awkward posture and then adding resistance can place a significant amount of strain on your rotator cuff, potentially more than it can handle. Imagine you are performing a push-up. Since your shoulders are much stretched, and you have to lift your full body weight, it is usually best to avoid lowering your chest all the way to the ground. Stopping where your elbows are parallel to your torso is preferable.

5.   Improve your ergonomics

How you sit at your workplace can have a significant impact if you use a computer. Even seemingly simple tasks like using a computer mouse repeatedly can injure the shoulder. Your computer table should be somewhat elevated, so your shoulder is not always extended. Sitting up straight is crucial since slumping in your chair can lead to tight muscles and alter how your shoulders move.

If you have shoulder injuries, it may be challenging to participate in your favorite hobbies or do your regular chores. Call Stephen Fisher, MD, to book an appointment for shoulder injury treatment.

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